Fall Asleep While You Nourish Your Soul.

Begin a Christ-centered approach to a good night’s sleep.

Wake up rested and spiritually healthier.

Revive & Refresh

Feel alert, have more energy, and allow your body to heal itself with more consistent deep and restful sleep.

Greater Productivity

Enjoy getting more done during your workday, and have less guilt about your todo list.

More Peace

God wants us to trust Him and grow in Faith.  Now you can meditate on His Word while you fall into a deep sleep.

Scientifically Proven

Numerous studies show a direct correlation between regular deep sleep and long-term health.  Our bodies are less susceptible to stress related conditions and oxidative diseases.  Nothing does the body good like a good night’s sleep.

Have the energy you Need

Work hard.  Play hard.  But without sleep it’s almost impossible.  Sleep is the foundation for a productive and enjoyable day.  Experience more enjoyment as you have the focus to get more done.  Feel the benefits of living a life with less stress.  Relax and reward yourself with soul-nurturing spiritual principles which will help you grow.

Sound Mind

Feel free to dream again, literally.  No longer do you have to lie awake at night still carrying the cares of this world.  God wants us to meditate on His Word, casting our cares upon Him, and relaxing in his arms.  Our modern world doesn’t make this easy, but Spiritual Sleep Therapy can help.

Your Good Night’s Sleep is Waiting